Design Loop Reality: Guitar Prototypes

For my upcycle project I am building a miniature guitar out various kinds of cardboard, paper, and even some floss. While the main goal is to make the guitar look as realistic as possible, I hope to also make it somewhat functional. Obviously matching frequencies is out of the question but getting it to resonate whatsoever will be a win.

As far as the design loop goes, I began by deciding on a style of guitar that I wanted to create. I decided on a simple acoustic guitar that everyone is familiar with. Next I began sketching and cutting various templates out of regular paper and piecing them together to decide how large I wanted to make the guitar. I essentially made a few prototypes out of paper. Once I decided on a size and shape, I began cutting the actual pieces out of cardboard. I currently have the main body and neck of the guitar cut and am beginning to piece them together with various other kinds of cardboard.

Next in the design process, I will need to experiment with various methods to create a seal within the body of the guitar. without this seal, the guitar will be unable to resonate any sound.

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