Skill Sets and Aspirations: Blake Arellano

Before university, I spent much of my time building things, doing chores, etc. I have rebuilt cars, engines, motorcycles as well as doing house work like remodels, flooring, and some minor carpentry. All this experience has allowed me to be hands on with projects. I have built my own bed frame and kitchen table in the past year and in my coursework I have machined steel and aluminum parts on lathes and mills.

As far as design goes, my sketching is improving but I find myself most skilled in SolidWorks. I normally take the role of CAD engineer for course projects and enjoy the program and position greatly. I have always enjoyed the design aspect of engineering and aspire to take on a position in the field of industrial design. I haven’t quite figured out exactly which field I am most interested in, but I do know I would like to be on the design end of engineering. I began school with the intention of doing spacecraft component design, but I broadened my sights to include power sports,  product design, and industrial design. I’m trying to keep my scope wide because who knows what I may end up doing, and what I may end up enjoying.

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