Construction Timeline: Dynamic Infinity Mirror

So far I have completed 99% if the coding, electrical, and design work for my project. This week and next I will be doing final revisions on all of my work and starting the manufacturing section of my project. I have most all of the CAD work done and nearly all of my coding done.…
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Skill Sets and Aspirations: Blake Arellano

Before university, I spent much of my time building things, doing chores, etc. I have rebuilt cars, engines, motorcycles as well as doing house work like remodels, flooring, and some minor carpentry. All this experience has allowed me to be hands on with projects. I have built my own bed frame and kitchen table in…
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Design Loop: Kinetic Walking Sculpture

I sat down, all my supplies purchased, everything planned out, and a prototype leg even made. But, as design goes, deviations from my planned path arose, and I was forced to rethink my route. I had my end goal, and my starting point. I believe that in design, you have at minimum a vague idea…
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