Skill Set and Personal Aspirations

Skill Set

I am a Senior Mechanical Engineering student and have experience using all machine shop tools (saws, drills, lathe, mill, etc…) as well as MIG welding, laser cutting, soldering and lots of knowledge of basic hand tools. In high school I spent a large amount of my free time working on cars. Whether that was my own car, my families cars or a 300zx project car that my cousin and I worked on over the course of three summer breaks. These experiences have given me a vast amount of automotive knowledge as well as basic mechanical skills.



I really enjoy designing, building and testing just about anything I can make and ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed taking things apart, repairing them, and hopefully putting them all back together without having any extra pieces left over. I enjoy fixing items that normally would be thrown away and replaced or taken to a specialty shop for repair as I feel that I am very mechanically inclined and always enjoy learning about how devices work. I look at every opportunity to take something apart as a hands on learning activity. That is the main reason why I wanted to become an engineer, and that is the motivation I will always have to keep discovering and learning about unknown things.

As a professional engineer I hope to work in the aerospace and defense industry or at some automotive design company for a few years before hopefully being able to work on the management side of things. Whether that is in a project management position or as a systems engineer. I would also be very open to a position that involved traveling, either within the US or worldwide, as I really enjoy exploring new places.

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