Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations: Avery Anderson

As a senior in the Mechanical Engineering Department at CU, I have the same basic skill set as everyone else here. Those skills being Solidworks, basic machining (mill and lathe), 3D printing, laser cutting, basic wiring and schematics, and some woodworking. Unfortunately I do not have any additional internship experience because I chose to chase acting for a couple years, which culminated in some minor roles in a couple TV shows and a few movies, so anything film related I might be of some assistance.

I’m very passionate about sports, namely baseball. My original plan in life was to be a Major League Pitcher though it was extremely unlikely. However, I did play baseball for CU until injuries forced me to quit. I help with the coaching side of the CU baseball program now, something that is not a major time grab but is a way for me to pass what I learned over the years onto the next generation of baseball players.

I started off in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, but transferred a couple of years ago to pursue a more practical degree here at CU. I typically do not let anyone touch/fix my car if I can do it myself, so I’d like to think I’m mechanically inclined. I am really passionate about cars and have been for a long time. This originally pushed me to pursue a career in the automotive industry, something in design. This would really blend my experience in aerospace and mechanical engineering and something I would enjoy a great deal. While I’m still very interested in this career path, I’m currently starting in the process of filing for a patent, something that I hope I can start a business from. I’m planning on getting my MBA relatively soon to help this process.

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