Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design Movements: Levitation Stand

For those of you not familiar with my project, I am designing and building a levitation stand. Something that uses magnets to make another magnet appear to be floating. My current chosen aesthetic is futuristic (shown below), but I’m not liking how my initial designs are shaping up and turning out. For this reason, I’m…
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Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations: Avery Anderson

As a senior in the Mechanical Engineering Department at CU, I have the same basic skill set as everyone else here. Those skills being Solidworks, basic machining (mill and lathe), 3D printing, laser cutting, basic wiring and schematics, and some woodworking. Unfortunately I do not have any additional internship experience because I chose to chase…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Impossible Triangle

The impossible triangle, or Penrose Triangle is a shape that cannot be made by any 3 dimensional object in ordinary Euclidean Space. This style of artwork was first started by Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard in 1934 and was later discovered independently by a psychiatrist Lionel Penrose and mathematician son in the 1950’s who famously described it as “Impossibility…
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