Main Project Inspiration

This past summer i was in Copenhagen Denmark and i was fascinated with the furniture that was around the city. The simplicity of danish design is something that i find very pleasing and something that i would like to try and include in my final design. At the moment i would like to create a chair which is something that i can use moving forward. Some of the following chairs which were found in Illums Bolighus represent some of the minimalist design that i appreciate.

The PK22 from Fritz Hansen

The PK25 by Fritz Hansen

The Cuba Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn

The CH07 Arm Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn

All photos from

These chairs illustrate the aesthetic that i am aiming for in this project. I am trying to keep the design for my chair simple and within the same aesthetic. At this point i am looking to evaluate the amount of time and materials that will be required for each design and choose what will be the best option for me to pursue this semester.


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  • I really like the simplistic, elegant look of the chairs. The seats are common looking, almost factory made, but the legs are out of the ordinary and make the chairs really stand out. How is your chair going to be dynamic? A possible idea is to make it foldable, so you can take it with you to an outdoor concert or event. Another is that it could have wheels and it could be like a rolling office chair.


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