Main Project Inspiration: Perpetual Motion Machine

For my final project I would like to create a near perpetual motion machine. These devices are used to try and create infinite motion, originally thought to be a source of infinite energy. Ever since I was a kid, the thought of the impossible seemed in my grasp so with this project I will try my hand at it. All of the other perpetual motions I have seen inspire a piece of me that allows crazy dreams, hope, and potential. I have gone to many Davinci exhibits and the perpetual motion machines he designed drew my attention for long periods of time. I do not know that if I will use solid pieces or fluids to attempt the continued motion. The dynamic part of this project is simple, it will rotate from the center and be essentially round with some sort of loosely attached pieces that will rotate down with the wheel, aiding in the continued motion.

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  • Dear Energetic Friends,
    In my hot persuasion of exotic energies I found it impossible to avoid the idea of perpetual motion. I have come to following conclusion:
    Most innovators get defeated by greed; they desperately need to create free energy and they want too much of it .The classical overbalanced wheel can get very close to perpetual motion under of difference between the shorter arm and longer arm in a series of equally distributed weight must me as small as possible. The smallest difference, the closer to perpetual motion – but also smallest possible energy gain. Accidentally, it seems to mimic the principle employed by the defenders of the “law” of thermodynamics. Along with politics religion and other areas of human activity frequented by quacks it bases itself on greed, imperial greed trying to swallow the whole universe. That is not science, beware. It is the same in psychology. Freud, notwithstanding his genius, inflicted irreparable damage on generations of young psychologist by insisting there exist three leprechauns of Id Ego an Superego in constant fight between them. Even a half-retarded must know that human being, indeed the whole universe is WHOLE. Another imperialistic attitude. I wish to discover serious people to advance energy, not necessarily perpetual.

  • I was originally thinking of creating a perpetual motion machine as well. I find them incredibly fascinating. I think this would be a very fun and challenging project to take on.

  • Cyron Completo
    March 5, 2017 5:15 pm

    I am also fascinated by the idea of perpetual motion as I love Steampunk. I cannot wait to see what designs you come up with for your mechanism as well as the aesthetic you accomplish! One of my favorite near-perpetual machines is Charles Redheffer’s perpetual motion machine.
    A video of that machine is here:

  • Ryan Daniel
    March 5, 2017 2:11 pm

    The concept of perpetual motion is very interesting! I look forward to seeing what you can create and how long it will be able to be in motion before it loses all of its energy to friction. I always think about the perpetual motion machine that was on Tony Stark’s desk in the second Ironman movie, I would recommend checking it out!


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