Main Project Inspiration: Collapsible Furniture

When I began brainstorming ideas for the main project, the dynamic requirement had me stuck. My immediate thought was that I would have to integrate some sort of motor or complex mechanism that would make my project dynamic. So I googled the definition, which brought me to the following: “characterized by constant change, activity, or progress”. This made me feel a lot better.

So I went to the topic I love the most– furniture. In the beginning, Professor Hertzberg said that furniture would be an example of a non-dynamic object. However, upon seeing the more broad definition of dynamic, I think I could make some dynamic furniture.

My inspiration for my main project comes from collapsible/customizable furniture. Below are some examples:

Figure 1. Collapsible Stool
Figure 2. Collapsible Table
Figure 3. Collapsible Chair

These pieces of furniture are dynamic in that they have moving components. They also increase the user interaction with the product by its collapsible nature.

I’m recently getting into the idea of minimalism in all aspects of my life–not just in my designs. So this is a great way to create something that will have the minimalist aesthetic I tend to gravitate towards as well as minimize the space our furniture takes in our homes for easy storage and versatility of open areas.

My plan right now is to make a collapsible/customizable bookcase or shelving unit. I own a lot of books and plant. And I’ll love to be able to have somewhere to put them, but also customize the size of each compartment to accommodate my needs.


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  • Blake Arellano
    March 5, 2017 11:45 pm

    I like that you are taking a minimalist approach to this. I think minimalist furniture has a pleasant aesthetic. I also like how you are taking something that was previously thought of being non-dynamic (static I suppose) and making it dynamic. It has a rebellious characteristic that I really appreciate! I also envy all of the woodworking you are going to be able to do and learn through this project, kudos and good luck!

  • Jeremy Parsons
    March 3, 2017 12:01 pm

    Sara, this is very interesting idea I have explored in the past but never pursued. I’m excited to see what you can design and fabricate. I feel as though the main challenge may become the collapsible interface, unless you had plans to follow. There may be a lot of interesting ways you could tackle a collapsible bookshelf. Have you theorized any methods yet? Would you want it to be one unit or a series of collapsible shelves? Best of luck!


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