Top five constraints: standing desk

Hi everyone,

For some background: my project is a standing desk, so it’s a desk that can be used while sitting or standing, and moves up and down to achieve that height change. It’s freestanding, so it doesn’t go on top of an existing desk.

Top 5 constraints:

  1. Aesthetics. I have to force myself to look at aesthetics first. That’s not usually how I design things. my aesthetic right now is kind of modern/outdoorsy. I realized part of the reason I don’t like the aesthetic constraint side is because it forces your creation to look like other people’s creations; for me choosing an aesthetic seems inflexible. It’s like going to the store with a certain type of style in mind. You might miss stuff you look great in! So I struggle with that.
  2. Time. It always seems as if there is so much of it and then it’s April…oops. Also, need to leave room for failure because I’m not exactly sure if what I’m doing will work. I think maybe creating deadlines for myself might be a good idea. Examples might include: a sourcing materials date, a construction of base date, a construction of table top date, a machining of parts date, wood-working and staining time, and assembly.
  3. Money. If I mess things up and aren’t careful, I will have to re-buy things which will be expensive. I also plan to order things from McMaster Carr, which also adds shipping cost. I think I can do this in $80 dollars or less. That’s the goal.
  4. Functionality/beauty struggle. Delicate stems do not hold up computers. I need to find a balance between what I want it to look like, and actually doing what it is supposed to do.
  5. Doubt. Sometimes when I make things I think they are the ugliest thing on the earth. Or someone will tell me that my fastening idea is not the best one (thanks dad) or I will be scared to try a new fabrication method because money is on the line. A personal hurdle.


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