Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Designs: Jewelry Box

The aesthetic that I am trying to achieve on my final project is a western style worn wood. I like to think of it as a jewelry box that made the journey from the east coast to the wild wild west by wagon, enduring all the hardship of the trip. I still want the wood to be relatively smooth though but to look worn.

The three aesthetic that I explored for this exercise were; Japanese, Medival, and Modern.

For Japenese, I pictured a beautifully painted side of my jewelry box. This painting would have flowing waves on the outside with an intricately detailed dragon on the inside. It would all be painted colorfully with a black outline around all shapes. The base color of the side would be white and would be surrounded by a black border.

For medieval I imagined a side of the box painted like many famous medieval paintings that are hung in museums all over the world. Like most medieval paintings it would be a scene. Surrounding the scene is an archway that reflects the mood of the internal scene. My scene is of the birth of a child, the arch would be bright and colorful to represent the happiness of the moment.

The modern design is the design that I was most drawn to and the one that I wish I had considered earlier. I imagined it made out of sleek shiny plastic in which one would be able to see a foggy reflection of themselves. All of the corners would be rounded and while made our of inexpensive materials it would give the impression of being expensive. I would incorporate internal hinges so the outside of the box would be completely smooth. I would checker the box and have each adjacent side of the box be alternating either white or black.



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  • Dean Alibrandi
    April 4, 2017 3:28 pm

    I really like your Japanese take on your Jewelry Box. I think it would be really unique if you could piece together bamboo to build the sides out of and then sand it and paint it. Maybe give it red accents and a centerpiece of a dragon or another cultural symbol. I think the material selection is really where you can sell your aesthetic no matter which aesthetic you choose.


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