Project Aesthetics Compared to 20th Century Design Movements – Ski Chair

What have you NOT chosen, and why? Sketch your project applying 3 wildly different aesthetics from the timeline. Plus an update, if needed

To pick an aesthetic for my final project I was fairly constrained in the direction to take the project due to the materials I have chosen. I want to build the chair from old skis, which tend to be extremely colorful and bright so that eliminates my favorite aesthetic of minimalism. My attempts to apply the minimalist aesthetic to my design in an organic design style chair can be seen below. If I could make the rounded structure of the chair look like a ski, I could still keep the design intent that I have been planning on.

Organic Design

The next aesthetic I attempted was art deco. This idea came about when I thought of the different ways I could piece together pieces of skis. Using the different skis to fill in different colors and textures would give my chair a much different feel. A sketch of my art deco chair can be seen below.


Art Deco

After trying on a couple of different aesthetics, I have come back to the roots of the project. The ski town aesthetic is the aesthetic for this chair. With bright inviting colors from the obviously up-cycled skis in their unaltered form, and some rusted metal to hold it all together will give the chair the feel I am looking for. The chair will look something like what is sketched below in the final product.

Ski Town Aesthetics

Choosing the aesthetic of a project is much more difficult than expected. The original form of an idea is rarely the final outcome, so trying on different aesthetics through sketches has confirmed some of my decisions and given more direction to the chair project.

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  • Dean Alibrandi
    April 4, 2017 3:40 pm

    Your project does have a slight art deco feel to it just because of the shapes portrayed by the back rest of the chair. That being said I think the ski town aesthetic is very proper and is the best choice for your project considering you are using old skis for your project. That is a no brainer haha. It would be cool to make a De Stijl style chair if you were not using skis. The various planks would make it very easy to paint them all different colors (red, black, yellow, blue) prior to assembling them together. Cant wait to see how your project turns out, I have always wanted to make a piece of furniture out of old skis.

  • I think you are going with a good aesthetic, the whole minimalism look would have made your chair not look like a ski chair because the colors would have been simple and basic. I also think that the organic movement aesthetic may not fit your ski chair because it is also very natural not too many colors are involved. I like that you are going with the ski chair aesthetic. I think it’ll look awesome and can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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