25 Golden Ratio

Today we talked about schedule, final expectations and Expo registration. See the notes for full details, but here is the registration link. Deadline is 1 week, next Friday! April 14. We will probably all be grouped in the DLC, so we can have group music. Each student should provide one song for a playlist, no more than 3.5 minutes worth. Michael will email you with details. Do plan to provide a setting/staging for your project; a naked artifact on a table is not very effective nor aesthetic. Also give some thought about to how to provide lighting. The DLC is pretty dark.

Then we talked about the importance of the March 22 blog post regarding your project aesthetics in the context of 20th century design movements, and what your project would look like in other aesthetics. This is an important post. Make it a strong one!Discuss WHY your choices fit a certain major movement/aesthetic. Do a little research; lecture notes are just to get you started.

And do your critiques for this one; it will help both you and your critiquees.

Then we did sketching of curved surfaces, and talked about the Golden Ratio. Next time: Chairs case study.

25 Golden Ratio

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