Final Stretch Progress: Belt/Tie Rack

This passed week, I set aside some time to talk to employees in the Makerspace about my project. During this meeting I was able to finalize my design and determine exactly which parts I will need to purchase. Here are some of the biggest points to takeaway from the meeting:

The first is that I will need to use a combination of 2 bearings, each press fit into a piece of wood in order to have stable rotation in my belt/tie rack.

The second is that there will need to be a few extra pockets machined into the bearing housings in order to allow  for full rotation off the rack.

Lastly, I will attach the bottom part of the rack using an acorn nut of something else that will lock the bolt and rack together.

I plan to spend next week working extensively on the project in order to ensure its completion in time for our sub group presentations

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