Final Presentation – Cold Steel River Cottage

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  • The greatest part of you project is although it made completely of “cold” steel, the theme is just so nice and has so much real life resemblance that it feels very warm at the same time, awesome!

  • Alexander Thompson
    April 26, 2017 4:56 pm

    This is an awesome project Tyler! I loved the way your upcycle project turned out so I was so excited to see your expand on your skills gained from that project to make another scene. And I love your theme of making this one a river scene. Your presentation was perfect. You went into depth about your inspiration, what you learned after your prototype (to drop the windmill), your materials (which you really know your stuff!!), and scope-checks. My favorite part is the detail you put into tack welding river stones. Personally, I really like the idea of putting little tea lights into the house but you might have to cover the windows with something to make the light less of a point source. Great job organizing your remaining objectives, good luck completing them before the expo. I can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Max Scrimgeour
    April 26, 2017 12:56 pm

    The washers of river rock are super awesome on this project. The polishing finish of the washers is really great and totally adds to the aesthetic. I am curious as to where you are welding this? it is super cool to see that the wheel can spin. this will be cool to see when both plates are put together and the whole scene is completed. This feels like a halloween scene to me and a poster with this similar feel behind could help the overall feel of the aesthetic and complete the scene. Nice work with the overall project and the presentation of how it all went together.

  • Preston Marcoux
    April 26, 2017 12:36 pm

    Dude, your steel working skills are incredible. I think that the river stones adds a really cool touch, and you definitely have achieved a cold/winter/forest aesthetic and your poster would make the finishing touches. I think that the tree would absolutely make this project, so I encourage you to try and finish that off for the expo. Awesome work, and I can’t wait to see the final project.

  • Alexander Lien
    April 26, 2017 12:35 pm

    I think the washer-river stone idea is awesome. It adds detail to an underwater scene and helps your surreal aesthetic since there won’t actually be water flowing. The bearing allows for a cool interactive piece – it would definitely be cool to find a way to make the gear spin on it’s own in the future. I think the moving water wheel would really add to the surrealism of the piece since no water is actually involved in the piece.
    This piece is really cool though. The steel working is really impressive and I’m stoked to see how the cottage turns out.


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