Rick Totem Final Report Part 2

This project as a whole went very well, and I enjoyed presenting it at the ITLL expo. A picture of the exhibit can be seen in the featured image on this post, and the below video demonstrates the totem in a video I took at home. In general, the public reacted favorably to my project.



I spent a lot of time on this project, and I am happy with the way it came out. I am looking forward to bringing it to music festivals this summer, but before I can I need to finish a few pieces. The figure is powered using a transformer that plugs into a wall outlet, and I will need to attach some batteries to it in order to make it portable. I will also need to make a long pole to attach the figure on top.

I enjoyed this class this semester, and feel like I gained a new appreciation for hand sketching. Since this project involved working with soft goods, hand sketching was essentially my best option to map out the design, circuits, and many other features. I appreciated this practice.

From working on this project I primarily learned more about hand sewing, hand sketching, and some tricks for working with LED strips. If I were to redo any portion of the project, I would make the hands more intricate, and I am considering making that change.

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  • Avery Anderson
    May 5, 2017 4:20 pm

    I unfortunately wasn’t able to spend much time at expo browsing around and thus did not really see your project in action. I did however, take a video of it working at the end of expo and actually showed it off to some friends who are really into Rick and Morty. They were really impressed, as am sure was the rest of patrons at expo. You spent a lot of time and energy on this project, and it shows in the quality of your final product. I think your project was at least one of the top 3 most impressive projects in the class, so well done. I hope it gets as much attention at EDC in the Summer.


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