Main Project Final Report Part 2: Japanese Jewelry Box

Looking back, I am pleased with the product that I created for my final project. While it was not what I initially wanted to make, it turned out very close to what I intended from the initial design of the box. I do still want to make a few minor adjustments as far as the finish goes before I give it to my mom — I may even implement the suggestion to use a small hole in the false bottom to lift it rather than the hook. This has been a very eventful and inspiring class. I appreciate all of the feedback that I received from my podmates, as well as the opportunity that I had to explore different aesthetics and new manufacturing/design methods.

I initially intended to make a mechanical puzzle for my final project but ultimately determined that I am not yet capable of creating something so complex in the time frame that I allowed myself. I also wanted to focus on my aesthetic intent for the final project rather than worrying too much about the functionality of it. I wish I had put more time into playing and drawing out my final project because I ran into some flaws that I think could have been avoided if I had been sure of the dimensions of the box. However, many of these flaws added to the character of the box in a positive way (or so said my classmates). I am very proud of the fact that I wanted to create this on my own and I did. I believe that for the next project, though, I will work harder to lay my thoughts out in advance, so I will know what to expect and won’t have to make modifications on the spot at the end.

The most impactful takeaway I have from this class is that even if someone cannot fully understand your design intent, they can still offer really great constructive criticism and ultimately help make your project better.

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  • Luke Woolley
    May 8, 2017 9:22 am

    Hey Emma, love the box. The dark wood with the carvings turned out wonderfully. I feel it’s a bit clunky in that the wood is all the same size—though it also shows resourcefulness to use a single piece for the entire composition—and the hinge doesn’t let the lid sit flat, but that’s nothing a bit of refining can’t fix. The aesthetic was spot on, regardless, and I will keep this type of work in mind for future projects of my own… the end product is really flashy. Great work!

  • Oksana Schuppan
    May 5, 2017 9:55 pm

    What a useful and aesthetically pleasing design you have created! I love your carvings in the wood and greatly enjoyed feeling them as well. Your color scheme is also effective based on the images of Japanese art you provided. I love the secret compartment at the bottom too. Great job!


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