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For my final project I am planning on making a steampunk themed gear clock. My original inspiration comes from a clock that I had seen that was in my dorm room my freshman year. The clock that I am basing my design off of is shown below:

Image result for gear clock

This clock is a little different in that instead of the hour hand spinning around the clock to indicate the time, the actual hours spin around and you read the time based on what time is vertically straight up. For example the time on this clock in the picture is reading just about 10:30. I really wanted to bring out some of the gears and bring the clock to life. I think that this aesthetic is pretty boring and doesnt show off the beautiful machinery that is making the clock work. I am planning on creating a similar clock with the steampunk aesthetic. I think that this aesthetic goes hand in hand with the function of the clock. The examples below are something like what I want my clock to end up looking like.

Crosby Wall Clock by Howard MillerImage result for steampunk gears

I like how the golden or bronze color brings out the gears and shows the detail within them. I am planning on making the clock out of acrylic and applying some sort of weathering techniques to mimic the look and feel of the pile of gears shown.

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  • Levi Cortright
    May 10, 2017 9:54 pm

    Steampunk and gears go hand in hand so I think that you will hit the aesthetic right on the head. I can see it being difficult to make the gear ratio exactly match the passage of time. Good luck!


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