Final Project Final Report 2017 Part 2: Lampu

Reflecting upon my project, I am mostly pleased with what I did, considering the re-design and also the poor timing with senior design. I definitely wanted to make something I would proudly put in my room. As I had mentioned in my presentation to my pod, I have a strong tie to furniture/furnishings I put in my room because it is my space and everything I put in my personal space should reflect who I am.

As far as next steps for this project, I would like to integrate some discrete hardware for the sliding drawer I have. I tried to stay away from using hardware because I felt that it would take away from the clean aesthetic of my design. However, for functionality sake, I might source some small rails for the drawer, or at least add a stop on the back so that it doesn’t fall out or tip.

I would also like to somehow improve the wiring so that the dimmer is integrated with the socket. Right now there are two cords and it gets cluttered, which takes away from the clean aspect of my aesthetic.

I learned a lot from this project. As a furniture-enthusiast, the woodworking skills I learned is a great insight into further design work that I will do. Most of the furniture I admire is made of wood. So I definitely would like to continue working on those skills in order to gain a better understanding of the quality of work I would like to produce.

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