Aesthetic Exploration: The Third Eye

The photographer has the chance to capture moments that not everybody sees and that’s the beauty of photograph. The camera is the third eye that captures memories with all the emotions with it.

One of the most special days in our lives are wedding days. I can’t imagine a wedding without a photographer that’s ready to capture the lovely, happy and gorgeous moments. That’s the first picture that was taken of me in my wedding dress and I will never forget the mix of feelings I felt at this moment.

I did hundreds of jumping pictures and I love every one of them. The joy of making a high jump will never get old. I used to take a lot of shots till I catch the right one but not anymore. Whenever you hear the click, I will be flying up there ready for the amazing shot to be taken. The idea was to let the sun be behind me and I will be the shadow. This was in Seattle and it was taken by my dear friend Ali Alnasser.

Few months ago, I got a green laser sword from a friend and I had this stunning idea. It was 11 pm in Boulder, we went outside where there was no lights nearby. I put the camera shutter on 30 seconds ( means the photo will take 30 seconds to be taken, if I walked around you will see duplicates of me walking around) and I started writing things using the sword and it was magical and mesmerizing. You can barely see me and that’s why it’s really cool. I don’t get to see what I’m writing, I can only see it afterwards. It’s like I was writing in a magical air-notebook!

This is a star trail for the Polaris! I was in Hillside and the weather was 10 degrees below zero but it didn’t stop me from taking this beautiful picture. It took me 90 minutes to take series of shots without stoping to gather the pictures to be able to see this amazing trail. We will never be able to see such thing without a camera. It was totally worth it, I love it.

This is the first splash I ever made and it was in 2013 in my homestay in Toronto, Canada. I don’t know how it happened, but it was the second trial. The moment I threw the strawberry in, my second hand holding the camera wasn’t in the right position. I tried it over and over to get this hight of water splash again but I wasn’t able to! I posted it immediately on my Instagram and people loved it. Photos are subjective, sometimes we can see and read a lot of things but sometimes we just can’t. Luckily all the water went to the grass and it was a delicious strawberry.

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  • Danielle Glanville
    January 25, 2019 6:33 pm

    I love this post Fatema! I think by adding your own photographs and stories, you really took it to the next level. You really showed all the different ways that photography can be used and the different types of art it creates. I think that when it comes to photography, there really is something for everyone. I find the star trail to be truly mesmerizing, but the wedding picture is equally as beautiful! If you wanted to talk in greater detail, you could research when photography first began and became popular, but I think this is a great post!

  • Hussam Alzahrani
    January 24, 2019 5:17 pm

    This is a very interesting concept to put in perspective. Our eyes can see a lot clearer than even the most advanced cameras, but we can’t comprehend each and every visual the way a camera can at the right moment. Calling it a third eye is pretty smart in my opinion, it makes a lot of sense with the way you described it in the post. My favorite picture is the one with the neon light laser swords because if it wasn’t for the camera, the letters displayed would not have been clearly identified especially in the night time.


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