Summing Up 2019

This class was exactly what I needed to improve my design skills. It taught me how to balance between functionality and the aesthetics of a project. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge on the different type of aesthetics and its variations. The open ended final project was a challenge as there was not…
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Upcycle Progress: Drawer

Design Process: Available Materials: due to the requirement of the assignment, my first concern was what materials do I have in my disposal that can be used. Since I have amazon prime and being lazy, I end up with a lot of shipping boxes. 2) Brainstorming: my biggest concern in this step was to come up with as many ideas as possible. However, the option to build something out of card boxed are endless. Thus, i have decided to do something that would be useful. 3) Objective of product: after coming up with multiple ideas, I have decided to do a drawer because  it was something I wanted to buy for my apartment and doing this project will save me money. So two birds…
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Super Computer

This is the Digital Storm Aventum PC. The design of this PC is very compact, yet it demonstrate superb performance. In addition, the layout of its components are aesthetically pleasing. The cooling system implemented on this PC is a water cooling mechanism that maximizes heat decimation in order to protect the critical components of the…
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