Upcycle Progress/ Design Process

The design process that I took for this project so far is pretty standard. As you can see in the image of my flowchart below, I began by looking at the upcycle project that was assigned. I then began brainstorming ideas that involved what kind of materials I should use, what kind of function will this project have, what is the overall size of this project, and what kind of aesthetic it would involve. Next, I took a step back and looked at the overall practicality of my choice in terms of bringing it to class and the cost to make it. Next, comes prototyping and troubleshooting any issues that occur. Finally, I will add final touches and begin perfecting the exterior design to make it beautiful.

I believe that the main purpose of up-cycling is to recycle used materials and create some form of art to express some emotion or thought. For this reason, the main aesthetic I chose for my project is tin can flowers. Tin cans be found almost everywhere and to many they are seen as simply garbage with no significant purpose. However, the aluminum material that it is made out of is extremely flexible and versatile which makes it perfect for a project such as this. By simply cutting out petal shaped pieces from an old Pepsi can and attaching them all together at the center with a pin, you can make this simple yet elegant flower. As seen below in the images, the flower is very simple but it can also be very elegant when made properly. The images also show that you may also use different style cans on the same flower to create your own unique color scheme or design.


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  • Ellie Pearson
    February 3, 2019 2:41 pm

    This project sounds really cool and I can’t wait to see the final product. I would have loved to see some of your progress with the actual fabrication and I hope that with the final post there will be lots of progress pictures.

  • Hi Evan, I love the idea! I wonder if you can do something to set your project apart from the ones you have images of. Like maybe you could make a few flowers and have a bouquet in a glass bottle.


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