Summing Up 2019

Overall, I’ve had an amazing experience in this class and I learned a lot. Whether it’s the various styles of art that have existed throughout history or simple skills that are necessary for sketching, this class gave me a new perspective on design and allowed me to explore my own sense of art. While many…
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Top 5 Constraints

First Constraint: SizeThe overall size of the project should be fairly small in my opinion. The classic, bamboo water fixture is often associated with a petite and compact size, therefore, in order to fix the aesthetic it should be the same. Second Constraint: Material/ ResourceAs I said in my previous post, I plan to use…
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Aesthetic Exploration: Minimalism

The aesthetic that I chose to explore is minimalism. Originating from the 1950s and prospering during the 1960’s and 1970’s, minimalism arose from the idea that art should not be limited to societal standards. Rather than being a luxury only affordable to the rich, minimalism demonstrates art in its purest form and is something that…
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