Upcycle Inspiration

The inspiration for my upcycle project was born from necessity and the materials I had available to me. I originally knew that I wanted to turn this assignment into a project that I could use in my daily life. With this thought in mind, I decided I wanted to make a piece of furniture, either a table or chair, with a cool aesthetic to it that I could add in my apartment. My next step was in wondering around my apartment looking for materials to work with. I realized that my friends and I go through a lot of beer cans, so I decided to use those empty cans in my upcycle project. I then did some research on previously made beer can furniture, and found the picture above. The way he was able to create a well functioning table with just beer cans inspired me to go ahead with my idea. I am planning on using roughly 100 beer cans to make a beer can table. I am excited for this idea because I think it will be an interesting project, and I will be able to use this table on a daily basis with my friends in my apartment.

Image Credit: Matenak


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