Upcycle Inspiration: Silverware Holder


My main focus for this upcycle project was to build something useful that adds a beautiful touch to my kitchen. I really enjoy cooking and having an organized kitchen is really important to me. Therefore, I started to look at different upcycle projects and I was inspired by the amazing design shown in the image above. This silverware holder has been designed by Bianca Barreto who worked in several niches of art as scenographer, project designer, teacher, and photographer.

Additionally, although my design is not the same as Bianca’s, I decided to use the idea of having cans as holders for my silverware.

You can view my upcycle progress from here.

[1] http://www.madamecriativa.com.br/blog/porta-talheres-com-ala-feito-com-latas-madeira-e-couro

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