Movie Night Week 6

The film being screened this week is Jacques Tati’s 1958 Mon Oncle. The film takes a look into the juxtaposition of modern France with old France.

My work in my BFA was heavily influenced and inspired by the sound design for this film. Tati was always known for informative expository sound design in otherwise silent films. Characters rarely speak, and when they do, it is as much a “sound effect” as the clopping of heels on concrete and the “whurring” sounds of a hose machine.

I would personally recommend every one of his films to any aspiring film-maker or designer, but Mon Oncle pertains best to the notions of engineering design in a very explicit way.

If any of you are unsure of whether or not this film is worth your time, consider that Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) provides the intro commentary.

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