Skills and Aspirations: Hussam Alzahrani

Through my degree, my current skill sets and personal aspirations have been developing throughout the years. I consider myself a fast learner and an analytical observer. These skills helped me shape up my perspective and helps me with my work ethic.

I think my skills are influenced by the climate around me, whether it’s my education or my interests/hobbies. My best skill is touch typing, this makes me write reports very fast while exercises my analytical skills in reading and writing. I have also been exposed to certain areas of mechanical engineering that helped me better my expertise. This includes skills such as manufacturing, laser cutting, and rapid prototyping.

I have many aspirations I am to follow and achieve. Mechanical Engineering was never my first career choice, and having learned so much in the past four years, It made me inspire myself. I want to see myself leading my own career and being happy with the work I have done in my life. I want to work in a company where I utilize my skills to make it better.

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