Summing Up 2019

Summary of Work:

This semester, I have learned a lot about different design techniques that helped shape up my definition of aesthetics. I got to improve my sketching abilities through my sketch notebook, and I learned a lot from the peers I have been working with. In the Upcycle project, I was given full freedom to do whatever I wanted, which made me really excited to do it on my free time because it sounded so fun. What I learned from my final project is that you need to have proper time management if you want to stick with your vision or idea and not keep changing it.


Blog Post Links:

Final Project Report Part 2:

Final Project Report Part 1:

Project Final Stretch:

Construction Timeline:

Current vs 20th Century Movements of Project:

Design Review Report:

Top 5 Constraints:

Main Project Inspirations:

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations:

Upcycle Report:

Upcycle Inspirations:

Upcycle Progress:

Aesthetics Explorations – Modern Music:

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