Jae’s Skill sets and personal aspirations

I think I copied one’s drawing, but I don’t remember.
Please leave a comment if you know.

My mother was an art teacher. so I have some basic drawing skills and love to create things. However, I never took art seriously and forgot about it since high school art elective class(drawing to get a grade). During my college years, I didn’t even draw doodles until this class. I realized that I do like drawing (creating things in general) so I probably keep on drawing as my hobby. And, I am a mechanical engineering student and have similar technical skills like any other mechanical engineering students. Solidworks, milling, lathe, Matlab, and brushing my teeth.

My aspiration is to create something that is personal and useful. Aesthetics wise, I like to pick up on my history. For example, I was into Brit-rock when I was in middle school so I might use that as my aesthetics. And I was into industrial design right before entering college, and that is the main reason why I chose mechanical engineering major. So I like to make something useful and simple in style.

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  • […] Jae’s Skill sets and personal aspirations […]

  • I also feel that I have not dedicated as much effort towards art as I would have liked it. Sometimes engineering school just takes too much time, though. I hope that you start the habit of drawing often and enjoy what comes of it.

  • For your sketching/drawing, I would recommend two things. First, take a small set of paper (notebook, loose-leaf, napkins, old receipts, etc.) and sketch whatever you are looking at whenever you have a few minutes to yourself. Don’t burden yourself with drawing “well,” instead focus on trying to draw something new, or to draw something familiar in a new style.
    Second, I would recommend trying to emulate the drawing styles and techniques of artists you are fond of. Attempt their style, then attempt to change it.
    What are you exploring for your final project? Which era of Brit-rock are you thinking of (early British invasion, 90’s British invasion, or no invasion whatsoever)? What utility are you thinking of addressing?


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