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I’ve always liked doing DIY projects to decorate my apartment and save some money in doing so. Next year I will be moving to an apartment that is in the middle of a city and doesn’t have any greenery near it. As such I’d like to create something for my apartment that gives it a bit of life, but also doesn’t take up too much space. I started doing some pinteresting(not a verb but it should be) and found a bunch of options that involve creating planters that hang or stack to save space and money. Most of the planters have a rustic vibe and will fit perfectly into an urban environment.

Some considerations that will help me decide on what type of design I will chose are the amount of space I will have to work with and what type of plants I would like to grow. The images shown above display planters that are specifically designed for growing crops and take up a bit more space and may need to be closer to a lighting source.


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Main Project Inspiration
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  • I also love greenery in my home. Have you looked at some green wall designs? Then the emphasis is more on the plantings, and less on the pots and shelves.

  • Max Buechler
    March 3, 2019 6:59 pm

    This is a cool project and can really add to any apartment and can be adapted to the current aesthetic of the apartment by different ways of decorating the planter. Have you considered making it modular to be adaptable to different size and types of plants?


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