Main Project Inspiration

Bauhaus design has always interested me because when it was introduced in the 1920s, it looked different from any other design movement that has happened in the past. It introduced grids, and the key idea of the movement was that ‘form follows function’. For my main project, I plan to use the Bauhaus design aesthetic but I’m not fully sure what I want to make.

There are a couple of ideas that I am thinking about that could work. Talking to my team in class today helped with narrowing the process down. One idea that came out of class today is a art-type piece that has different bauhaus themed tiles and each of the tiles slides around each other to make different patterns. There would be no function but it would look cool.

I also thought about making a shelf that has a dual functionality, too. I definitely need to think more about each idea before I begin to get into the design process. Materials and how I will actually make it are going to be good things to think about before I do anything else.

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