Main Project Inspiration

For my main aesthetic project, I have not decided on a specific thing yet. I am thinking of designing something that I could use at home opposite to my first project where I designed a decoration piece (flower vase made of glass bottle). My inspiration is the fact that this product needs to be user interactive. Also, I like to use a space theme. I was inspired by some of the designs of my pod mates where they made beautiful space themed designs.

Since I am eventually leaving to go back home, my goal is to do something which is small so I can easily take it with me. However, if I really liked something big in particular I will do it and do not let shipping it be a problem. For now, I am planning on researching ideas and keep an eye on designs to find something that attract me to do.

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  • Conrad Trybus
    March 4, 2019 12:31 pm

    I would be curious to hear some possible ideas for the device you will make or the aesthetic you apply to it, even if you don’t follow through with it. Being small enough to take it travelling with you without being an inconvenience does provide an important limitation.


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