Final Project Constraints

To refresh, I am going to be making a vegetable chopper with the aesthetics of a classic French Revolution era guillotine. With this project, as is common with eery project, my top constraint will be money. No project will ever have unlimited funds and due to this constraint, the amount of materials, the type of materials, and the amount of other costs associated with this will be limited by my own pocket. I have a budget I will try to stick to but I will work within this budget to produce the best final product that I can.

The second constraint I must deal with is the time constraint. Ideally, I would have all the time in the world to work on this but having to balance 4 other classes, one of them being senior design and another being a graduate course, my time is severely limited. I therefore will need to use the best of my time management skills to maximize my time I can spend on this and efficiently create this product.

The third constraint I have is my own skill. Though I have had an art peice featured in the Jefferson County Art Show back in high school, I still considered myself very much a novice when it comes to creating functional art. I will of course try to learn what I can and push my limits but at the end of the day, the skill I possess will limit how my final product will turn out.

The fourth constraint I must work with is the design constraints itself. I am trying to design a vegetable chopper using mostly gravity and a spring as the main source of force for the blade cutting into the vegetable. In theory, this would work to chop some vegetables but in reality, the result may be different and I will not be able to do much due to how constrained I am from the design.

The final constraint is from the aesthetic itself. I must create a vegetable chopper that closely resembles a smaller sized guillotine. I cannot stray too much from this as the purpose of the project is to design a dynamic product centered around a design. I will do my best to stick closely to this aesthetic.

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  • Hey Shalil, I like your idea about vege chopper. Sounds cult! For the economic concern, I think there’s plenty of material in the laser cut room in ITLL. People usually leaves their surplus material under ther laser cutter.

  • Joseph Coulombe
    March 12, 2019 10:05 am

    I think this project is going to come out great. Depending on how much for you want you might need to make sure the build is sound enough to handle a force that jerks it and that the top of the guillotine doesn’t just pop off when you reset it.


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