Top 5 Constraints

  1. TIME! Deadlines!
  2. Designed with enough Steampunk influence AND Iron Man influence
  3. Money
  4. Maya modeling learning curve
  5. Relearning the electronic aspects

Time is critical because this is such a large project and I really do not have a lot of time overall. I would like to make a standing statue/suit of armor by the end of the semester and I will soon see if this is a possibly goal. I would also like to ensure that I hold onto aspects of each aesthetic as I merge them together. I really want each to shine through to their fullest potential. My financial status is not looking good right now so I am going to be researching different materials that will make this project a little easier on the wallet. I do believe that 3D printing is an effective method of producing the helmet and the more unique cogs/rivets/nuts but I want to find a different material for the main portion of the suit. Right now the best option looks to be EVA foam at around 1/2″ thickness. This should allow me to UV map the models that I develop moving forward. I will then be able to simply unfold the design and reconstruct in foam form as the design has been transferred over. I am planning on learning a lot more from Maya as I progress through this project and this will certainly be a constraint that I am considering. My last constraint is that of electronic pieces. I plan on having a dynamic final product with lights throughout. Ideally I will be able to add different servos to the separate pieces of the armor in order to move each portion similar to the cinematic Iron Man armor. It would also be very cool to involve moving cogs integrated in the design. This will take a bit of time to relearn as I have not dealt with some of these electronics in about a year now. It should not be too difficult but it is yet another constraint to consider nonetheless.

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