Top 5 Constraints

Constraint 1: The first restraint I ran into is the size constraint. I have a limited amount of space and need to fit the speaker into confined area.

Constraint 2: Aesthetically the speaker needs to look futuristic and I am having a difficult time with the appearance of the product.

Constraint 3: Another constraint is the sound quality, I have done a similar product and this was the biggest issue.

Constraint 4: The speaker needs to be stable and my biggest concern is it being off center and it falling over. The material and electronics need to be distributed evenly and that’s a main focus.

Constraint 5: My last constraint is the cost. The electronics and materials are expensive and I can source from an old speaker. I’d like to spend under $50!!

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Top Constraints
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Top 5 Constraints

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  • Hi Tyler,

    Addressing your last constraint, I know a few people that have picked up some really high quality audio equipment at Goodwill. The stuff that people get rid of because it is a bit dated is kinda crazy, and if you bought it then made it nice and modern you could really get some bang for your buck. I also think it could play into your futuristic vibe, with an old speaker all dolled up.

  • Ibrahim Alhajji
    March 10, 2019 7:47 am

    Hi Tyler,
    I like your idea of making speakers specially when you have an old one that you can source from. Regarding the space, you can make them small enough or you can put them in the same place where the old ones used to be.


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