Top Constraints

So I am not completely sure what I want to make but I know my aesthetic. I am thinking about taking a piece of layout design from the Bauhaus aesthetic and turning it into something physical, maybe a shelf or a piece of wall art. I plan on using a 2d layout design as inspiration for the shape of my project.

My top constraints are:

  1. How I will make it – I’m not sure if I want to gather different materials that I can make work for this aesthetic or use a machine on campus to get exactly what I want. But this problem will be fixed once I get a clear vision of what I want to make
  2. Size – I would like for this project to be fairly big in size but I do have to think about- if I do want to keep the project- moving in the future.
  3. How it will be dynamic – This project could be mostly aesthetic but I still have to think about how it will be dynamic. I was thinking about incorporating a terrarium in the shelf or making the shelf movable in some way.
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