Summing Up 2019

Before this course, I had no experience with industrial design or building things. Coming from a media design major, I have had experience with designing posters, magazines, ads and brand identities but not designing physical things, so I was intimidated at first. Looking back on my upcycle wine rack and bauhaus shelf, I have learned so much throughout this course.

One thing that comes to mind first is that projects take way longer than intended. When making my upcycle wine rack, I did not give time for errors which I should have. Also I have just learned more about making and building things in general. When looking back on my projects, I have a better understanding of the design process and how much time it actually takes to build something. Overall, his class gave me more insight on how things are made and how many aesthetics there are and how they are truly everywhere.

Retro-futurism –

Wine bottle holder –

Upcycle inspo –

Upcycle final report: wine rack –

Skill sets and personal aspirations –

Main project inspirations –

Top constraints –

Design review: bauhaus shelf –

Project Aesthetic Compared to 20th Century Designs –

Construction timeline: bauhaus shelf –

Main project final stretch –

Main project report 1: bauhaus shelf –

Main project report 2: bauhaus shelf –

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