19 Bauhaus and Beyond, plus Critical Design Review criteria and logistics

Yesterday’s post on constraints MUST HAVE sketches showing your current plans. ESPECIALLY to illustrate your aesthetic.

Critical Design Presentations starting Monday. Same pods. Prototypes please! Must show aesthetic design. Does not need to function. Small scale is fine. The goal of this milestone is to force everybody to decide on what they are making and what their aesthetics are. Now is the time to get off the dime. Don’t agonize over it; if your decision is that difficult then you will be happy with whatever you decide.

Again, report post is due WEDNESDAY March 13.

If you present Monday, make your post early so your pod can comment, fill it in for Weds. Everybody, add your video as soon as you can.

Crit Design Mar 11 Mar 13 Mar 15
Pod A ECME 137B ECME 137B ECME 137B
Pod B ECME 137A ECAD Clark ECME 137A
Pod C ECOT 317 ECOT 317 ECAE 199 Onizuka
Pod D ECAE 153 Seebass ECCR 150   ECAE 153 Seebass
Backup ECCR 150   ECCR 150

We spent 10 minutes on team time, so everybody could discuss their projects.

Then we looked at the early minimalist/modern aesthetics: Deutscher Werkbund, De Stijl, Bauhaus and International Style.

Final cube sketching assignment: make a flip book of a cube rotating, with something fun happening at the end.

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