Project Constraints

First constraint: The size of my product should be relatively small. It should fit on a desk.

Second constraint: the complexity shouldn’t be overwhelming. I have to remember that my scope of skills and time constraints limits the ambition I can have with this project. The aesthetic should be my focus.

Third constraint: Shouldn’t be terribly messy. If this will be a piece that goes on a desk, there shouldn’t be so many modular components to the point that it become difficult or hard to move. If I include water, I should also have a system that prevent spillage.

Fourth constraint: It should have room for plant material. This is a large part of the chinese garden aesthetic I’m going for.

Fifth constraint: Customization of the garden would be lovely. If I include architecture, I could make various slots that can hold the components.

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  • This is a unique aesthetic. What pieces of equipment are you going to use to control the system. Will the pieces of equipment be manufactured or store bought? I am also curious as to what material you will be using for this project.

  • Joshua Engmorris
    March 8, 2019 1:43 pm

    Jordan, nice idea. Do you know what materials you will use and how you will manufacture? I like the aesthetic, it would be cool if you could add plants.


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