Summing Up 2019

This semester, I created an organizer out of scrap metal in a char aesthetic and then a table top fountain out to look like a Chinese garden. This semester gave me the freedom to pursue anything I wanted and to challenge myself to learn skills I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. It was a lot of…
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Project Constraints

First constraint: The size of my product should be relatively small. It should fit on a desk. Second constraint: the complexity shouldn’t be overwhelming. I have to remember that my scope of skills and time constraints limits the ambition I can have with this project. The aesthetic should be my focus. Third constraint: Shouldn’t be…
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Upcycle Progress 2019

A lot of my project so far has consisted of paying more attention to my surrounds and available material. We have a program at my work where we take the hard to recycle materials and bring it to the CHARM facility here in Boulder. Because of this, I’m currently loaded with charger cables, plastic bags,…
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