Aesthetics Game 2

The Friday before Spring Break, we played the Aesthetics Game again, where we drew common objects casted into different aesthetics. My neighbor Andres and I came up with designs for speakers with a Deustcher Werkbund aesthetic. This aesthetic comes from a German association of the same name. Deutscher Werkbund aimed to bring industrialists, architects, and artists together to create a style that was both aesthetically pleasing and manufacturable at a large scale.

The speaker I drew (above) has individual speaker cones framed by bars that wrap around them. It lays on a flat base, perhaps made of wood. I designed it having been inspired by a chair I saw that was in the Deustcher Werkbund aesthetic.

“Weißenhof chair”, by Mies van der Rohe with canework upholstery by Lilly Reich[1]
(ca. 1927)

As you can see, this chair also has round-bent pipes with a minimalist aesthetic.

Next, I also tried my hand at designing a Matte Black / High Tech Aesthetic cat litter box. It seemed like an interesting combination. I came up with one that has sleek black stripes throughout the box. Magnificent enough to please even the pickiest of black tabby cats – they would blend right in.

After exploring those ideas, I went back to my chair design and came up with a chair with a swept appearance. I was going for a simpler, more ghostly aesthetic.

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