Construction Timeline

I essentially have two weeks to complete my construction of my box, and make sure I have any replacement parts I need if anything breaks/doesn’t work. I have already ordered and received the lock that I should need to install in the box. I currently plan on working on my project at least three days a week from here on out (most likely monday, wednesday, friday), which would mean working these dates, hopefully with this plan:

April 5 – Buy more supplies (Wood, wood stain, etc.) in case I run out of anything

April 8 – Finalize construction design after personal design review. Decide if laser cutting and etching is feasible (visit ITLL and Idea Forge)

April 10 – Finalize construction design.

April 12 – Begin final construction

April 15 – Construction day

April 17 – Construction day

April 19 – Construction day

April 22 – DONE (Hopefully, or finishing touches)

I have been working on this bit by bit but I can slowly see my progress coming together, and it is getting easier by the day to visualize potential details and aspects that I would like to go into the final design.

With the timeline I have set forward, I am expecting to devote at least two hours each day I have assigned to myself solely to the activities planned, but will aim for three.

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Construction Timeline
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Construction Timeline

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