Summing Up

UPCYCLE PROJECT – Design an object with recycled materials. I built a lampshade using mostly newspaper. Upcycle Inspiration/Progress Upcycle Final Post   MISC.  Skillset and Goals   FINAL PROJECT – Design an object with a clear aesthetic that is dynamic in one way or another. I built a puzzle lock box that has the aesthetic…
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Construction Timeline

I essentially have two weeks to complete my construction of my box, and make sure I have any replacement parts I need if anything breaks/doesn’t work. I have already ordered and received the lock that I should need to install in the box. I currently plan on working on my project at least three days…
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Top 5 Constraints

Time – I believe that the project that I want to make may take a lot of time to figure out how to even build initially so that it effectively is a puzzle box (Basically, the opening is properly concealed). Once I’ve figured this out, I’ll have to figure out how to apply the aesthetic…
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