Construction Timeline: Magnetic Makeup Organizer

For my final project, I have a constructed a timeline to the best of my ability. This includes what I know I need to get done and factors in some space for unforeseen circumstances that may delay my project construction.

  • April 5: Buy remaining materials (sheet metal, frame, cup, magnets)
  • April 8: Cut down material to fit in frame where necessary (available machine shop time may delay
  • April 12: Paint and attach magnets to makeup and cup
  • April 14: Redesign if necessary (if paint doesn’t stay, magnets don’t stick, etc.)
  • April 17: Find desired placement for light on organizer and attach
  • April 18: Put makeup with magnets on and add any finishing touches

Anything that occurs after April 18th will be redesigning in case anything does not work out as desired or something comes up to throw off my timeline.


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