Throughout the semester I have gained valuable skills relating to my projects, both in this course and outside of it. I have learned how to focus on the aesthetic of a design rather than solely the functionality, which has helped me in my design processes. Both of my projects this semester have contained some sort of light aspect within their respective aesthetics. My upcycle project was a soup can candle holder that embodied the night sky, while my final project was a magnetic makeup organizer that was inspired by neon signs. I found a need for both of these projects, but really wanted the aesthetic to be the focal point in each.

Links to all posts:

Aesthetics Exploration: Calligraphy

Upcycle Progress: Tin Can Candle Holder

Upcycle Inspiration

Upcycle Final Report: Candle Holder

Skill Sets and Personal Aspirations

Main Project Inspirations

Top 5 Constraints: Makeup Organizer

Main Project Design Review: Makeup Organizer

20th Century Design Aesthetics: Makeup Organizer

Construction Timeline: Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Final Stretch Progress: Makeup Organizer

Final Report Part 1: Makeup Organizer

Final Report Part 2: Magnetic Makeup Organizer

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