Construction Timeline: Terrarium

For my final project I am creating a snowglobe terrarium. I already have almost all of my materials and I have made the main base of the terrarium, which was the most time consuming part of the project. I am also only available to work on the project during the weekend due to my busy schedule.

Weekend 1 (April 6th): Mold rim of base, made of terra-cotta clay, so that the globe sits nicely on the base, but also designed in such a way that it allows airflow. This is the most technically difficult part. Let dry for at least 24 hours. Shaping the rim should take approximately 2 hours.

Weekend 2 (April 13th): Buy wood stain for the base of the terrarium. Paint the base with wood stain to give the terra-cotta base an aged appearance. This could take multiple coats. This should take approximately 10 minutes and for each coat.

Weekend 3 (April 20th): Plant the plants inside the terrarium and all of the decorations. Add moss to the sides of the base to contribute to the aged appearance. To get the desired aesthetic I could see this taking approximately 2 hours. Write the final project report blogpost. Time for this varies on requirements for the the blogpost.

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