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I made some major change for my project. I realized that there is 12 Volts light bulb so I decided to have separate power sources for the light bulb and the motor. Therefore, I will connect the light bulb to the standard 110V house electrical outlet and the motor to the 12V battery. For the base, I tried to make my own base, but I made it too short and don’t like the look of the wood material so I decided to buy another acrylic plastic for my base.

  • Acrylic base is arriving Friday 4/5
  • Next Monday 4/8, Laser cut the acrylic base and cylinder.
  • Next Tuesday 4/9, Install motor and put cellophane wraps and aluminum foil into the cylinder.


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  • Jae, there might be a way to integrate both the bulb and the motor using a power supply adapter. I am attaching a link that is for a pedal board power supply (guitar and bass pedals run on 12 volts DC).

  • Luke Collier
    April 8, 2019 8:41 am

    Thanks, Jae.
    Is this for the disco ball?
    I wonder if you’ll need a spotlight setup for it? I would imagine the light would project directly onto the ball then the ball would reflect the light. It seems like you would need more than aluminum foil – I could imagine it getting really crinkly and hard to make good-looking. Perhaps if you used acrylic with a mirrored face and cut polygons?

    Also, make sure you cite the source of the monkey / newspaper picture. I’m not sure what that picture adds to the post.


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