Summing Up 2019

This semester I created two artifacts. The first artifact I created was an up-cycled lamp. For this artifact I focused on the appearance and how to make common trash into a beautiful object someone would want to keep inside their home. I achieved this with a very floral aesthetic. The second object I created was…
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Design Review Report: Terrarium

For my final project I want to focus on the dynamics of plants and containing that within something that is normally conceived as stagnant. To accomplish this I am creating a snow globe terrarium. An example of a normal terrarium is pictured below: Image taken from: I want to achieve a fairy tale aesthetic…
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Top 5 Constraints

For my final project I am making a terrarium shaped like a snow globe. This project has a lot of complications that could arise. Here are the top five I can see effecting the project currently. The first constraint is the materials I will be using for the base of the terrarium. I need something…
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