Final Stretch Progress: Iron Punk

All materials and models gathered and completed. All of the 3D models that I wanted to make are complete and I am now ready to finalize the main portion of the armor now that I have this visualizations and helmet model. I also have found a RedBoard (Arduino), LEDs, wiring, power source, and all other electronic components for the lighting. I have a portion of the armor built with some 3D printed helmet pieces produced as well. All other materials are collected as of now. I am relying on finding random giblets from previous projects in order to incorporate these in the steam punk aesthetic design. I may have to go spend money on extra paint, spraypaint, finishing products, and adhesives. These are items that I do not believe that I need as of right now but I am trying to prepare to get more just in case I need it last second.

(This image depicts some of the components and progress that I have made in testing the ability of EVA foam to finalize this armor design. Also included is the SparkFun board that I intend to use for the lighting control. A 3D printed helmet design has also been printed already and is getting ready for the color palette testing) My next step involves the wiring and construction of the steampunk add-ons. I am hoping to finish the base armor without paint before I start working on these components. I do think that I will be able to burn and engrave on top of the EVA foam for a unique steampunk aesthetic. I am feeling good about my current progress and the speed that things are moving; I will just need to continue to be diligent moving forward.

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  • Joseph Coulombe
    April 12, 2019 10:05 am

    I’m excited to see the finished product when this is completed. I hope you have enough time to spend creating it to your liking.

  • Great job Gino, I really like the way you are taking your project and I think using the foam mats is an excellent idea, as it will decrease the potential for failed prints. I am curious to see the final product, good luck in the process!


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