ShutBox Final Stretch

This week I had the wood cut for the ShutBox at Home Depot. I needed to do this so the wood could fit into the laser cutter.

I lasered cut the box border and imprinted a crown onto the base of the box to add to my aesthetic.

Overall I am on track to finish my design!

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  • Thanks for the photos! I’d like to know more about the game too.

  • Hussam Alzahrani
    April 15, 2019 1:43 pm

    I remember your presentation! The crown is a nice touch. Do you see yourself playing your version of the game once it’s finished?

  • Nice work making Home Depot employees doing all the work for you! Ha! That’ll teach them! Nice crown too I like it. What aesthetic does that represent?

  • Taylor Whittemore
    April 11, 2019 11:31 am

    Jared, can you please make a post explaining the rules of the game? I feel like it would help me to understand the aesthetic! Overall I think you are doing an okay job but you should try and stay ahead of schedule if possible


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